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Setup Whatsapp auto responder

A WAWP auto-reply makes your business less difficult. Because we’re simply not always able to be there for our customers right away.

So in order to provide the speed that your customers are looking for, you need some automation. This can be done by creating WhatsApp Business greeting messages, or an out-of-office reply.

What is WhatsApp auto responder?

An automatic reply is a message which is set up to go out automatically in response to any WhatsApp numbers that arrive, often though not necessarily while he or she is out of the office or you would like to engage with your customers immediately.

Setup WhatsApp auto responder using Wawp

When you’re busy or out of the office, you can set Auto Responder messages to automatically send messages to all of your contacts, to set Auto Responder messages:

Choose Autoresponder setup account or set up for the whole account

Autoresponder wawp

The functions of Whatsapp autoResponder

Select message type: There are many types of messages that you can use for the campaign

Text & Media: You can send a message that includes only text or includes both text and media.

  • Media file: Supported media types: Image, video, pdf… and all other file types, but mobile app will not support viewing or downloading these files.
  • Caption: Enter what you want to send. Do you use a pre-made list of messages using the “Get Caption” function
  • Get Caption: Click here to get Saved Captions to post
  • Save Caption:  Clicker to save new caption in your database
  • You can random message by Spintax: {Hi|Hello|Hola}
  • Use save caption function to save caption
  • Support URL Shortener

Buttons: You can create interactions in your messages with buttons. Please create a button template to use.

List messages: You can create a list of choices in a message. Please set the list message template to use.

wawp The Functions of AutoResponder

Resubmit message only after (minute): Reply delay time, time since last message.

Except contacts: Exclude no reply with whatsapp accounts.