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The #1 WhatsApp Notifications for WooCommerce

Send Notifications,
& Maximize your ROI

Automate WhatsApp notifications for your WooCommerce store to create a better shopping experience.
Recover abandoned carts, send order confirmations, and keep customers in the loop with shipping updates.
Trusted by +500 Businesses
Available on WordPress.org

Send Real-time Order Updates

Keep your customers informed every step of the way, from order confirmation to delivery, To improve the end-to-end customer experience.
Client notifications plugin for woocommerce

Receive Orders on WhatsApp

Save your time by receiving customer orders directly on your WhatsApp, Which are ready for fulfillment. Shorter conversations and less errors.
admin whatsapp notifications for WooCommerce

Whatsapp OTP Verification

Let users login or signup on your WordPress website simply with OTP passcode, with customizable messages for a personalized touch.
Whatsapp OTP verification plugin for woocommerce

Engage your customers

Design a personalized journey from first order to repeat purchase to help you get higher ROI and drive more sales.
Multilingual Notifications
Set personalized message template in different languages to send based on user language preferences.
whatsapp Multilingual Notifications for woocommerce
Your Number, Your Brand
Deliver notifications to your customers from your number to enhance your brand identity.
whatsapp number
Rich format
Send eye-catching messages with images, and Emojis.
whatsapp rich format messages for woocommerce
Personalized messages
Send personalized messages with 40+ ready to use placeholders
whatsapp placeholders
Full emoji support
Add personality and fun to your communication.
Full emoji support
Message logs
Track the delivery and performance of your messages.
whatsapp message logs for woocommerce
Dedicated Phone field
Auto-locates users by country, corrects phone numbers to international standards for accurate notifications.
add whatsapp phone field for woocommerce checkout
Create your free account
50 messages/month for life, Start using Wawp for free.
wawp - whatsapp notifications for woocommerce
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