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Wawp notification Message Logs

Wawp Message Logs page task, View the history of sending notification messages through your site.

To access the log sitename.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=awp-message-log

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Wawp Notification Message Logs 1

Wawp Log Search

Search in log bar: You can search all the details, such as the date, WhatsApp number, sent message, photos, and status, and the search is done instantly.


Log tables elements

Screenshot 2023 12 27 at 00 47 21 Wawp Message Logs ‹ Just Another Site — WordPress

Date: Messages are dated and displayed by most recently sent, so you can stay informed immediately

WhatsApp Number: The number to which the message was sent may be from the help area or from the user account

Message: The text of the message sent to the user

Image Attachment: The Image attached to the message

Plugin status: It gives you the working status of the add-on, success and error

  1. success: WordPress plugin works well. The plugin sent the Api request and got a response
  2. error: The error is from the WordPress plugin settings and must be corrected on your site

wawp.net status: Response from the WAWP website that the message was successfully sent, or the reason for not sending it

If the message is successfully sent, you will receive a response that begins with {“key”:{“remoteJid”:”

Resend: You can re-send the message again with the same content and the same number

Resend wawp

Clear all log table data

You can clear all log elements with the click of a button. If you want, just click on the Clear Logs button


Be careful, after Clear the log you cannot recover it again

You can get a Log text version of the path