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How to connect Wawp plugin with Api

step 1: Get api access tokens

  1. First, you need to register an account to link your phone number to wawp system
  2. Through WAWP control panel https://app.wawp.net, go to Access Keys > Select WhatsApp account
wawp whatsapp account

You must first link your number to the service. If you have not, check how to add WhatsApp number to using Wawp QR code
Information WhatsApp account

Each account has its own connection keys(Instance ID&Access Token), which are changed when you log out of the account.

step 2: Adding API keys to the site

Instance IDAccess Token
  • 1. From the side menu of the WordPress dashboard, select Wawp, Or change sitename.com to your site name: sitename.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=awp
  • 2. Add the information you obtained to the settings of the WAWP Plugin in your wordpress Admin panel, In the place designated for it below the logo on the PLUGIN control panel > then click on Save ID Button.

To Test Successfully connecting to the api click on > Status

step 3: To test the connection sending

choose Help from the top menu, then send a message to your phone number.


send a live message

To: Enter your number after selecting the country code from the flags

Message: Write your message, you can choose from emojis to customize it more, and you can also add an attached file

Send Message: Click this button to complete sending the test message

step 4: Know the status of the test message from the log

To access the log sitename.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=awp-message-log

Wawp Notification Message Logs