How to use?

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WAWP personalizes communication, streamlines buying, fosters customer relationships.

At awareness stage: sends notifications, facilitates real-time engagement, shares information.

At purchase and post-purchase stage: updates order, sends delivery notification, collects feedback.

At relationship building and retention stage: offers and reminders, provides support, sends messages.

Overall, WAWP enhances user journey from awareness to relationship.



Available tools:

  1. Bulk media messages
  2. broadcast messages
  3. Automatic reply
  4. Generating message content with AI
  5. Support external API connections
  6. Integration with third parties such as Woocommerce, whmcs, Google forms, etc
  7. Chatbot (text response only currently)
  8. “Coming soon” chatbot with buttons
Basic account settings
Basic account settings

It includes registration and account setup on WAWP, and a document linking

WAWP platform tools
WAWP platform tools

Contacts, broadcasts, chatbots, and other WAWP platform tools

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How to use?

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