Setup Client Notifications Message

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About Client Notifications status fields in WooCommerce

add text messages to sent automatically to your customers once they make a purchase on your site

as an example of steps

The user has made the purchase >> he receives a message about the successful order on His WhatsApp number



Example of customizing messages

Order – New (Thankyou Page)

This is the first message that is sent directly to the user once he completes the purchase directly through Woocommerce site




Input to whatsapp msg


Hello {{billing_first_name}} 👋

Thank you for completing your purchase through {{shop_name}} 🤝

📦Here are the details of your order

Product: {{product_name}}

Total Amount: {{order_total}}

Order Date: {{order_date}}

Order Summary Link: {{order_link}}

📯If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact {{shop_name}} support.


Output from whatsapp plugin


Hello Bella 👋

Thank you for completing your purchase through OurstoreName 🤝

📦 Here are the details of your order

Product: product name from order

Total Amount: 20$

Order Date: 1-1-2024

Order Summary Link:

📯 If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact OurstoreName support.



You can customize the rest of the sending statuses in this style

with WooCommerce Parameters


Types of order status available

about multi language support in Client Notifications

The multilingual feature is available in the Wawp WordPress plugin
You can send messages in multiple languages. Arabic has now with any other default language for sending messages in two languages. Other languages ​​will be supported in next versions.

Each language has its own editors

About Default Country Code

country code selection is added by default to the Checkout page, which checks the IP used to determine the appropriate number prefix for it
It also corrects the number automatically
If you are selling in a specific local country, for example Egypt, just add the number 2 in the default country code field
This is a list of the most important country codes for the prefix. Remember not to write 00 or + in the country code prefix
Egypt 2
Saudi Arabia 966
United Arab Emirates 971
Sudan 249
United States 1
United Kingdom 44
Mexico 52
Spain 34


You can find out the prefix of your country number via this link Country Code

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Setup Client Notifications Message

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